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Penguin Guide Award ***

There’s fluency and delicacy as well as intensity, and Suk’s singing phrases breathe and aspire very naturally. This is appealing playing: plenty of heart, but tasteful, controlled, and deeply sympathetic to this composer’s idiom.

This generous two-disc selection gives a delightfully varied idea of his musical personality. Margaret Fingerhut proves a devoted advocate, playing with point and concentration.
Penguin CD Guide.

Margaret Fingerhut’s always sensitive playing… persuasive… the intensity of feeling is affecting.
Classic CD.

Margaret Fingerhut cannot be praised enough for this recording… she has much affinity with the guileless poetry of the earlier pieces, as well as with the whimsicality of the later pieces. It is obvious that a lot of love has gone into this project.
Luister, Netherlands.

The young British pianist, Margaret Fingerhut, demonstrates to us that she is an interpreter of great sensibility…with a varied palette of dynamic nuances and colour.
CD Compact, Spain.

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