Nights In The Gardens of Spain

Penguin Guide Award ***

Margaret Fingerhut’s playing responds splendidly to the changes of mood and has plenty of personality…very involving, indeed exhilaratingly so.

It is her account which captured my imagination. With her unfailing attention to dynamics, her deftness and strength in the fiery passages and, above all, her sure sense of shaping and phrasing, this rivals the best in the current catalogue.
Hi Fi News and Record Review.

The soloist responds chimerically to the changes of mood, playing with brilliance and power, projecting a strong personality, yet not missing the music’s delicacy.
Penguin CD Guide.

She displays plenty of color and temperament. Altogether this Noches rivals my special favourites, Rubinstein, de Larrocha and Haskil.
Opus, USA.

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