Edgar Bainton 

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Penguin Guide Award ****

One of the most radiantly musical of pianists, she plays with such alluring sensitivity and effortless command that one cannot help but be won over.
International Piano.

The performances...with Margaret Fingerhut the agile soloist in the Concerto Fantasia, have just the right sparkle and elegance.
The Guardian.

These performances vindicate the decision to revive the composer, with Margaret Fingerhut excelling in the concerto's outpouring of lyricism.
Daily Telegraph.

Margaret Fingerhut's limpid pianism proves tailor-made for such a gorgeously lyrical, tenderly poetic and subtly integrated offering...

This is a concerto which immediately tempts to one to return to it, especially when it is superbly played by Margaret Fingerhut.
Penguin CD Guide.

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